Grant projects of the German government are aimed at the most pressing tasks to be solved by the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund in cooperation with local authorities: housing for IDPs and assistance to medical institutions.

Housing for IDPs is one of the Foundation's priorities. Without external assistance, IDPs are usually unable to solve their housing problems, so one of the projects is aimed at housing for internally displaced persons. The main goal of the project "Promoting the development of social infrastructure. UFSI VI "- the creation of housing for IDPs, this is what will be used a grant from the German government through KfW.

Creating housing for IDPs requires a lot of effort, resources and organizational activities, and we are happy to share with you the good news about the success of this important cause. Thanks to a grant from the German government and the work of the UFSI, new apartments for IDPs are finding their inhabitants. We strive to provide housing for IDPs to those who really need it

In 2015-2021, the fund provided housing for IDPs (apartments for IDPs and dormitories) in 21 settlements. It is home to 366 families. By mid-2022, 7 more subprojects to build housing for IDPs will be completed.

Another area of activity of the UFSI in cooperation with the Government of Germany is assistance to medical institutions.

Many medical facilities in Ukraine need to upgrade infrastructure and upgrade medical equipment, which is not provided due to lack of public funding. Two grant projects of the German government are aimed at helping medical institutions. By the middle of 2024, 53 primary and secondary medicine facilities will be reconstructed and provided with medical equipment.

In addition, UFSI is implementing a project aimed at developing social services at the community level, funded by the Japan Social Development Fund through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and a project aimed at developing vocational education funded by the European Union and its member states through KfW .

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