USIF Integrity Policy

USIF Operational Manual, adopted by the Supervisory Board in the year 2018, contains a separate section, which defines the Fund’s integrity policy.
Its basic principles, in accordance with the Operational Manual, are as follows:

  • zero tolerance to corruption;
  • Compliance with Integrity and business communication ethics policy by all USIF employees;
  • application of appropriate response and anti-corruption measures.
USIF Operational Manual provisions also envisage, that:
Integrity and business communication ethics policy is actively, clearly and explicitly supported and implemented by the Supervisory Board, Executive Director, HO and ROs of the Fund. USIF defines the integrity policy as a key factor in minimizing legal and reputational risks that may result from the breaches by its employees, regardless of their position, of professional and ethical requirements introduced in USIF. The purpose of USIF integrity policy is to increase the efficiency of the activities, generate trust of the public, communities, contractors and partners. To achieve that it is necessary to clearly regulate relationships with employees and contractors, which would make cases of corruption and abuse impossible at procurements activities, making business-related expenses, accounting and management accounting, etc. The responsibility for the implementation of USIF integrity Policy bears the Executive Director and a person authorized by the Executive Director to implement and realize this policy. In order to ensure the implementation of the integrity policy, USIF develops, approves and, if necessary, amends and modifies the integrity and anti-corruption program.
Considering that, USIF Integrity and Anti-Corruption Program was developed and approved in the year 2019 (the text of that document (in Ukrainian) is available at corresponding section of Ukrainian version of USIF web-site.